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Store Display Fixtures has over 10 years experience in the store fixture industry. We are th biggest distributor for Madix Gondola shelving in the central United States. We provide gondola shelving and store fixtures to thousands of retail businesses over the entire United States. We excel at competitive pricing and excellent customer service. A Gondola unit is a retail display having one or two sides that is designed to store and display your merchandise. Gondola shelving units are free standing, and made of heavy duty steel components that can be configured to your needs.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is an inexpensive way to outfit your retail space to maximize the display space for your merchandise. Gondola shelving is free standing and can easily be moved as you decide to change the layout of your retail space. The shelving is adjustable and you can be connected with other shelving units to make longer runs. Gondola shelving is commonly used in auto-parts, grocery, pet, convenience, health, liquor, sports and computer stores to name a few.

Available Gondola Shelving Colors

  • White Gondola Shelving
  • Beige/Tan Gondola Shelving
  • Gray Gondola Shelving

Available Gondola Shelving Sizes

  • 3' Gondola Shelving
  • 4' Gondola Shelving
Gondola Shelving Colors

Gondola Shelving Styles

Store Display Fix has the largest in stock gondola shelving and accessories in the central United States.

Gondola Shelving Accessories

  • Gondola Shelving Baskets
  • Gondola Shelving Labels
  • Gondola Shelving Hooks
  • Gondola Shelving Fencing
  • Gondola Shelving Dividers
Gontola Styles

Whittier California Madix & Lozier Used Gondola Shelving

Store Display Fixtures offers both new and used Madix and Lozier Gondola shelving for all your retail storage needs. We take great pride in refurbishing Gondola shelving so that it is in like new condition. Buy used Gondola shelving and outfit your retail store at a fraction of the price of new.

New Madix Gondola Shelving Sales

Store Display Fixtures is the largest distributor of Madix Gondola shelving in the central United States. Madix Gondola shelving is a very effective way to display products on walls or islands or end caps. We also offer Gondola shelving accessories such as hooks, baskets, fencing, dividers and labels for Gondola Shelving. We also offer delivery to your Whittier California retail location. Give us a call today to get a custom quote on outfitting your Whittier retail location with new or used Madix Gondola shelving.

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